Anina, transformational coach

Anina, transformational coach

* clairvoyant
* developed my own techniques for subconscious energy healing with immediate results
* Over 25 years of active exploration of the spirituality
* since 2005 professionaly working with people on personal growth and transformation
* experience in a variety of fields (individual therapies, workshops, lectures, writing articles, meditation, team buildings, motivational trainings).

I am a person with many interests and I am always looking for the answers to my endless questions about everything actually.

I must admit I was really scared of my visions at first but more I tried to escape from them, more they were haunting me. So then I started to explore the spiritual world and accepted my gift as a present to help me and others.

My life was full of beautiful and there were also some quite bad moments in my life. I felt like I hit the bottom at one point in my life so I know the best and the worst moments in life itself but I remember my whole past with gratitude because all these moments led me to where I am today. They have shown me the path to my happiness … to the present in which I live my dreams.

People were teaching me that “The destiny of each man is written”, but I could never agree on it. I was repeating over and over again, that we choose our own destiny because other wise there is no point in living if the result is already known. We can be what ever we choose to be, we can achieve what our heart desires, life is a game I claimed even when I was a little girl. And I proved it to my self and the others. I played the game great, I succeed in anything I have put my mind to it until the time in my life when there were so many negative people around me that I fell of the positive path and started to believe how tough life is. I crushed everything I have built until then and it took me a few years and many disappointments until I found my positive energy back and started to live my life like I dreamed about before.

When I started to live my life in positive beliefs again all this beautiful paths in my life started to appear again and I found my new dream, helping people find their dreams and positive attitude to life it self. Help others the way I helped my self.

I am an  extravagant person in life and in my work. I am a clairvoyant, a healer and a life coach all together. I am all this and more. I work individually. I analyze every individual and look for the best way to get results to true happiness in people’s lives. I combine all my knowledge and abilities to get the change and not only consolation for the present and the past time.

You are probably thinking “easier said then done” and I do agree that the change needs some of your work too, but wouldn’t you agree that it will be easier if you work active on your personality for a year maybe and then live your dream life, or would you rather have an average or even bad life and suffer until the end of your days?

The life it self is meant for you to be happy, so take your life into your own hands and be a creator of your own destiny.  And if you need help to do it faster and more effective, I will help you do that!

Be brave …   Anina